To fulfil the dream of the most beautiful day in life and make it unique, we offer to celebrate a wedding in summer in the open air, in the Gauja valley, at the foot of the Turaida Castle, in the area, where there took place the enlaced by legends events involving the Rose of Turaida.

The territory of the guest house is landscaped, beautiful, spacious and it is also suitable for a wedding ceremony, with the possibility to make use of a romantic wooden (movable) gazebo or let the fantasy fly and create a unique place for the ceremony. In the created campfire site (in the form of a circle) there can be held mičošana or other rituals, since fire for all people and nations symbolise prosperity, family, and hearth.


WEDDING OFFER from May to October

  • The summer terrace with sliding glass walls is suitable for up to 60 people. If the number of guests is larger, it is possible to add a tent for the event, since the area allows for 100 or more guests. The Summer Event Terrace is equipped with: a bar, sink, cooler for drinks, professional coffee machine, tables (optional as round so rectangular), chairs (also chair covers), stands (with covers), gas heaters, decorative string lights.
  • The Villa with 7 designed double rooms, one of which is specially designed for newlyweds.
  • The Event Building with a bath house, which has two rooms with total beds for up to 38 people and one double room, event hall, relaxation room with a fireplace and a bath house.


May, September (Mon -Thu; Sun): 2600,- EUR

May, September (Friday): 2800,- EUR

May, September (Saturday): 3200,- EUR

June, July, August (Mon -Thu; Sun): 3200,- EUR

June, July, August (Friday): 3700,- EUR

June, July, August (Saturday): 3950,- EUR

October (Mon -Thu; Sun): 1600,- EUR

October (Friday, Saturday): 2000,- EUR

* The prices include VAT.


WEDDING OFFER from November to April

A beautiful place is everything you need for a great celebration – a small and romantic wedding or an anniversary for the closest ones.

  • The Event Building with a celebration hall for up to 50 people, a fully equipped kitchen and a relaxation room with a fireplace. The building has two rooms with total beds for up to 38 people and one double room. For additional accommodation, there are available 7 double rooms in the Villa.

Price: 974,- EUR

* The price includes VAT.

  • For a small and romantic weddings – The Villa with a fully equipped kitchen, a room to lay a beautiful table for up to 16 people and 7 beautifully designed double rooms.

Price: 700,- EUR

* The price includes VAT.